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Flexible-bottomed culture plate that works with the Flexcell® Tension System to provide a mechanical load regimen to cells in monolayer (see Fig. 1 below).
*5% Savings (based on buying 40 plates at the individual price)

Applications of BioFlex® Culture Plates
  • Mechanical Load - use with the FX-6000™ Tension System to research the effects of equibiaxial tensile strain on cells in monolayer culture.
  • Softer Substrate - provides a softer substrate for cell growth (when compared to standard plastic culture dishes) which better mimics in situ conditions for some cell types like trabecular meshwork cells (see Aga et al. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 55(9):5497-509, 2014).
  • Matrix Coated Surface - culture plate surfaces are coated with various matrix proteins, such as type I collagen and laminin, to better simulate in vivo conditions (see Tech Report 106: Matrix Bonded Growth Surfaces. Growing Cells in a More Natural Matrix Environment).
  • Traumatic Injury - can be used in studies looking at traumatic injury in astrocytes and neurons, where the injury is produced with a Cell Injury Controller that controls a burst of gas which deforms the BioFlex® membrane creating large biaxial strains (see Ellis et al. J Neurotrauma 12 325–339, 1995; Ahmed et al. J Neurochem 74(5):1951-1960, 2000; Augustine et al. Neuroscience 274:1-10, 2014).
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Equibiaxial Strain

Figure 1: Equibiaxial strain application (with a FX-6000™ Tension System) to cells plated in the well of a BioFlex® culture plate.

Relevant Tech Reports & Other Information
Tension System Video

Tension BioFlex® Baseplate Assembly
This video details how to set-up a BioFlex® baseplate with Loading Stations™ and 6-well culture plates for use with a FX5K™ Tension FlexLink®.
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Recent Publications with a Flexcell® Tension Product

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