Happy Lunar New Year!

March 16, 2021

 According to the Chinese Zodiac solar calendar, this is the year of the Rat, which signifies vitality, success and cleverness. The Chinese Lunar New Year is also called the Spring Festival (春节—chūnjié) and it lasts from January 25th - February 4th, 2020. Each day has a specific meaning, tradition and food that is celebrated with family and friends.

As with each New Year, we tend to start with many resolutions, goals and future plans.


In 2020, scientific discovery will continue to focus on ways to expand our knowledge of the human genome, how to eliminate disease and repair the body through regenerative medicine. In the near future, Artificial Intelligence will help human scientific explorers analyze, perform and build on new unforeseen technologies. Projects that focus on building and sequencing genomics are being used, even in the last few weeks, to create models for understanding virus outbreaks, like the Wuhan Coronavirus. Stem cell researchers are getting closer to the reality of producing human replacement organoids in vitro. These discoveries will have huge implications on organ donation, surgical treatment and wound healing for patients. We are living in an interesting time where science, information technology, new biomaterials and medicine have collided, which will bring humanity new therapeutic solutions.


Our company mission is to be an enabler of technology tohelp research investigators continue with their scientific discoveries.


Flexcell® is kicking off 2020 with a NEW disposable culture ware line for soft substrate research. CellSoft™culture plates and dishes are pre-coated in a specially formulated silicone elastomer soft substrate with moduli stiffness ranges from 1-80 kPa. CellSoft™Soft Substrate culture dishes come untreated or with covalently bonded proteins to improve cell attachment.


Flexcell® recommends that users culture their stock cells on a given stiffness substrate and matrix coating to conduct their experiment on the same type of surface. This way, the cells do not experience “substrate shock” moving from one stiffness and matrix coating to another.


Users can repeatedly trypsinize and replate cells on the CellSoft™, matrix-coated surfaces up to three times. CellSoft™ BioFlex® tension plates are the only commercially viable product for growing cell lines on soft substrates while applying tensile strain with our FX-6000™ Tension System.


The benefits of growing stem cells and primary cell lineson soft substrates:

Cellular mechanical responses to substrate stiffness during cell culture, shear stress, mechanical strain, cell morphology, substrate topology, etc., impact its survival, proliferation and differentiation (Kureel et al., 2019, Anderson et al., 2016; Engler et al.,2006; Gilbert et al., 2010; Lutolf et al., 2009; Murphy et al., 2014; Winer etal., 2009; Yeung et al., 2005). This is a challenge for clinical applications and cell-based therapies where long expansion times and large batch sizes of stem cells are needed. Recent studies show that human mesenchymal stem cells(hMSCs) maintain their stemness when cultured on optimally soft substrates.“hMSCs maintained their proliferation rate and showed nine times higher population doubling in comparison to their counterparts cultured on plastic Petri-plates” (Kureel et al., 2019). The ability to control the cell culture system mimicking an in vivo environment will help advance new therapies and treatments to patients.


One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to start exercising; get in shape and be healthy during the year. The Year of the Rat is going to have a new meaning for “work out” bench in the science community! With Flexcell’s full line of dynamic cell-stretching bioreactor systems and disposables, YOU can Stretch more cells!

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