New CellSoft™ Soft Substrate Culture Ware at ASCB 2019!

March 16, 2021

December 16th, 2019

Thank you to everyone who stopped by Flexcell's booth at ASCB 2019 where we introduced our new Cell Soft™ Soft Substrate Culture Ware! We were happy to have Ryan Seelbach from Optiks11, who showcased the Piuma NanoIndentor System, which is used to measure the mechanical properties of soft and biological materials.


Flexcell® was first to commercialize elastomer growth surfaces in 1988, which provides the means to controllably stretch cells according to the mechanics of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, or other mechanically active tissues. BioFlex® culture plates' elastomer surfaces are “soft” and stretchable compared to glass or polystyrene culture plates.


Cells sense soft! “In the past 15 years, it has been shown that mechanical cues such as stiffness of cell culture substrate, shear stress, mechanical strain, cell morphology, substrate topology, etc. influence a wide array of cell behavior and cell fate including  survival, proliferation, and differentiation (Buxboim et al.,2010; Chodury et al., 2010; Kureel et al., 2019; Megone et al.,2018; Ou et al.,2016; Palchesko et al., 2012; Smith et al., 2017)”.


With CellSoft™, Flexcell® has created even softer substrates to match the material properties of tissue niches and better meet the needs of biological laboratories wanting to grow their cells on native stiffness substrates. CellSoft™ comes in various stiffnesses (moduli range 1-80 kPa), and plate formats (round dishes and multi-well plates). It is available covalently bonded with Collagen I or other matrices, pre-sterilized and ready to use. CellSoft™ BioFlex™ culture plates are the only commercially viable product to grow cells on a soft substrate and stretch your cells with the FX-6000™ Tension System.


Flexcell® recommends that users culture their stock cells on a given stiffness substrate matrix coating and conduct their experiment on the same type of surface. In this way, the cells do not experience “substrate shock” moving from one stiffness and matrix coating to another.


CellSoft™ 100 mm round culture dishes are ideal to passage cells and other plate formats, including flexible bottom Bioflex®plates, to conduct static or dynamic stretching-type experiments. Moreover, one can repeatedly trypsinize and replate cells on the CellSoft™ matrix-coated surfaces up to three times!


“Cells like soft!” says Flexcell® Founder and President, Dr.Albert Banes, Ph.D. “Cell culture has met with change over the years, but two of the hottest innovations have been the ability to grow and stretch cells on flexible growth surfaces and to control the rigidity of the substrate. Our new CellSoft™ culture ware advances those innovations even further, and we know researchers will appreciate this product.”


Ask your Core Facility or contact our Sales team to learn more about CellSoft™ Soft Substrate Culture Ware.



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