About Us

Flexcell® is the premier manufacturer of cell stretching bioreactors

The Flexcell team in the lab.

What We Do

Flexcell® designs, develops and manufactures dynamic cell stretching culture systems and disposables. Our products used in over 1,500+ laboratories worldwide.

Our unique bioreactor systems enable investigators to apply mechanical load to cell models in vitro and to create 3D tissue constructs within the most optimal in vivo environment for cell proliferation and growth. Our full range of tissue engineering accessories complements our bioreactor systems to aid in the fabrication of 3D cell seeded tissue constructs with different shape sizes. We offer 6-well and 24-well flexible membraned culture plates that come in various matrix coatings to enhance cultured growth of many cell lines. Our total system solutions have broad applications within many Biomedical research fields.

The Flexcell® difference starts with our extensive experience in developing commercially-viable solutions for researchers and continues with our commitment to the highest quality products and customer service!

Flexcell® products have been developed to meet the following research needs:

  • Application of defined physiological strains to cells in 2D monolayer and 3D culture
  • Regulation of mechanical load with a broad range of cyclic deformations, regulated frequency, amplitude number of cycles
  • Reproducible mechanical loading for easier data collection
  • Creating the most optimal in vivo-like environment for in vitro cell culture

Founded in 1987. Over 35 years experience.

First to commercialize our patented technology using vacuum to stretch cells in vitro.

Cited in over 6,700 research publications.

Dr. Albert Banes, P.h.D

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Albert Banes, P.h.D
Founder & President

Dr. Banes started his science career with a PhD in Microbiology from the Medical College of Virginia. He completed his Post-Doctoral work at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University in the Microbiology and Immunology Departments. He has over 45 years of academic research and biotech business experience.

In 1987, he founded Flexcell® International Corporation, a niche biotech company, to design and manufacture mechanobiology devices and disposables. He was the first to market a patented, pneumatic-driven, microprocessor-controlled, cell stretching device that regulated the magnitude, duration, and frequency of applied strain to rubber-bottomed culture plates.

The Flexcell® dynamic cell stretching bioreactor systems allow controlled, standard conditions for strain application to cultured cells so that repeatable dose-response experiments can be conducted. Today, Flexcell® produces dynamic cell stretching bioreactors for applying mechanical load to cells in 3D and monolayer culture with an array of disposables and accessories. Dr. Banes continues to develop new ideas for designing the next generation of cell culture solutions.

How Far We Flex

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