FAQs About Our Cell Stretching Bioreactors

general questions

How can I find out what type of research has been conducted with Flexcell® equipment and my cells or tissue?

What are the strain ranges for the various culture plates and Loading Stations™?

Which plates are used for monolayer culture and which plates are used for 3D culture?

Which plates are used for equibiaxial tension and which plates for uniaxial tension?

How is strain applied to the cells?

Sales questions

Does Flexcell® ever offer any sales on equipment and consumables?

What forms of payment can I use to purchase consumables on-line?

Does Flexcell® accept orders worldwide?

Can I lease your equipment?

Can I test your equipment in my laboratory?

Culture Plate Questions

Why are the cells not attaching well to the growth surface and are detaching during stretching?

How do I clean the silicone grease from the bottom of the silicon membranes?

How do I know which culture plate coating to use with my cells?

Can BioFlex® plates be used with electron microscopy?

I purchased some culture plates but I need to contact you for a software patch. Why do I need a software patch?

Technical Questions

How do I remove the bubbles from the tubing?

Why are the pulse dampeners leaking?

Why is my Streamer® leaking?

Can I use different screws with the Streamer® other than the ones supplied?

Can I use the PUMP CONTROL feature on the rear of the FX-5000™ Compression FlexLink®?

Why is water accumulating in the Flex In or Flex Out tubing?

Why is water accumulating quickly in the water trap?

Why are the plate wells drying up during the experiment?

You want to program a long regimen (ex: 1 day or more) and the software won't let you.

Why is the regimen wave flatlining?

Why are the gaskets on the baseplate not sealing?

I have an FX-4000™ and it is running Windows 95, 98 or ME. Can I purchase a new computer with a more up-to-date Operating System?

I received a 'Cannot Connect to Controller' message when opening the software.

"An invalid argument was encountered" error is shown when attempting to assign a regimen with the FX-5000™ or Flex Jr.™ Tension System.

Why is the regimen wave fluttering or not smooth?

Why is the regimen programmed to stretch 0-2%, but the actual output is 5-7%?

Why am I not getting the programmed % elongation?

How do I connect more than one FlexLink to the same computer?