NC Spotlight: Flexcell® International in Burlington

April 20, 2023

Burlington’s Flexcell® has manufactured scientific products for testing cell-level biochemical reactions since 1987. Flexcell® products have medical applications across fields like orthopedics, cardiovascular medicine, pulmonary health, and tissue engineering research. The company has seen a great deal of export growth to Japan in recent years. Research & Development spending has outpaced revenues in many Asian markets, creating increased demand for Flexcell® products. Company President, Dr. Al Banes notes the company has seen an explosion in export growth. “Our specialized, dynamic bioreactor systems and cell culture products have seen an increase in sales growth within global markets specific to Europe and Asia. Our export sales have grown roughly 20% since 2011.” EDPNC’s international trade team has worked with Flexcell® to help grow their exports. According to Dr. Banes, “The STEP grant is a great way for local businesses to position themselves for entry into new global markets. Our company could gain access to Japanese market intelligence with the resources provided by EDPNC. Funding allowed our team to get language translation services, attend a tradeshow, and investigate potential partners for our Biotechnology products.”

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