CellSoft® 6 well BioFlex® Flexible-bottom Culture Plate

$ 12.00 USD

Stretch cells on soft surfaces!

CellSoft® is available in 6-well BioFlex® flexible-bottom culture plates, pre-coated in a specially formulated silicone elastomer soft substrate. Moduli stiffness ranges from 1.0 - 60 kPa. CellSoft® Soft Substrate culture plates come Untreated or with covalently bonded Collagen (Type I) protein matrix to improve cell attachment. Flexcell® recommends that users culture their stock cells on a given stiffness substrate with a matrix coating that has the same surface parameters when conducting their experiment. This way, the cells do not experience “substrate shock” moving from one stiffness and matrix coating to another. Users can repeatedly trypsinize and replate cells on the CellSoft®, matrix-coated surfaces up to three times.