Collagel® and Thermacol® Kits

$ 200.00 USD

Collagen gel solution with rapid gelation at 37 C (see Fig. 1 below).

  • All components in one kit for creating a 3D cell-seeded bioartificial type I collagen gel (see Fig. 2 below).
  • Multiple applications including tissue engineering, migration studies, differentiation, chemotaxis, cell interactions, & matrix interactions.
  • Kit contains atelopeptide and telopetide-containing type I collagen, 5X MEM, fetal bovine serum, 1 M hepes, and 0.1 M NaOH.
  • Available in three sizes: mini, midi, and maxi

Applications of Thermacol®

  • 3D Cell Culture - culture cells in Collagel® to create a 3D cell-seeded type I collagen hydrogel.
  • Tissue Engineering - use Collagel® with a Tissue Train® culture plate to create bioartificial tissues.
  • Mechanical Load - culture cells in 3D then apply mechanical load with the Flexcell® Tension or Compression System.
  • Drug Discovery - culturing cells in a 3D environment better mimics in vivo conditions and thus provides a platform to study the effects of various pharmacological agents on cells in a more natural environment.
Speed of gelation of 3D cell-seeded constructs made with Collagel® and Thermacol®.
Bioartificial tissue development with Thermacol® and the Tissue Train® Culture System.