Culture Slips® Microscope Slides

Works with the Streamer® and FlexFlow™ systems. Each slip is matrix treated to promote cell attachment.

  • Culture Slips® are available in two sizes: 75 mm x 25 mm x 1.0 mm (for Streamer® or FlexFlow™), 76 mm x 25 mm x 1 mm (for FlexFlow™ only)
  • Culture Slips® are rimmed with a 1.0 mm wide Teflon® border to help limit cell culture growth to the portion of the slip exposed to fluid flow
  • Covalently bound matrix surfaces: Untreated, Amino, Collagen (Type I or IV), and Laminin (YIGSR)
  • Available in a pack of 6 or case of 36 culture slips

Supporting Publications

At Flexcell® International Corporation, we understand that our commitment to the highest quality products and customer service depend on our ability to take part in research and development continuously. We invite you to read more about our ongoing research and development on cell stretching bioreactors in tissue engineering, cellular mechanics, gene and protein expression, cytomechanics, drug discovery, orthopedics, cardiovascular, and pulmonary research.

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