FX-5000C™ Compression System

Computer-regulated bioreactor that applies cyclic or static compression to 3D cell-seeded constructs or tissue samples in vitro.

  • Positive air pressure used to yield up to 14 lbs of applied force (Min. force resolution of 0.1 lbf)
  • In vivo tissue strains and frequencies simulated in 3D constructs or tissue samples from muscle, lung, heart, blood vessels, skin, tendon, ligament, cartilage, and bone
  • Samples compressed between a piston and stationary platen using either a BioPress™ culture plate or StagePresser™ microscope device
  • Multiple frequencies ranging from 0.01-5.0Hz, amplitude, and waveform changes programmed within one regimen
  • Four FlexLink® controllers can be driven with one FX-5000™ Compression System
  • Runs on FlexSoft® FX-5000™ software compatible with Windows 7

Supporting Publications

At Flexcell® International Corporation, we understand that our commitment to the highest quality products and customer service depend on our ability to take part in research and development continuously. We invite you to read more about our ongoing research and development on cell stretching bioreactors in tissue engineering, cellular mechanics, gene and protein expression, cytomechanics, drug discovery, orthopedics, cardiovascular, and pulmonary research.

Chondroitin Sulfate-Tyramine-Based Hydrogels for Cartilage Tissue Repair

Uzieliene I, Bironaite D, Pachaleva J, Bagdonas E, Sobolev A, Tsai W-B, Kvedaras G, Bernotiene E. Chondroitin Sulfate-Tyramine-Based Hydrogels for Cartilage Tissue Repair. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24(4):3451, 2023.

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