HT BioFlex® Culture Plates

$ 100.00 USD

High throughput flexible-bottomed culture plates used with Flexcell® Tension Systems to apply up to 8% equibiaxial strain to cells in monolayer culture.

  • 24-well culture plate with total growth surface area of 37.47 cm2
  • Strain is applied to cells grown on the flexible membrane of 24-well plate in the same manner as with cells grown on 6-well BioFlex® culture plates.
  • Covalently bonded matrix surfaces: Untreated, Amino, Collagen (Type I or IV), Elastin, Pronectin® (RGD), and Laminin (YIGSR)
  • Available in black or white
  • Plates compatible with the 24-well HT baseplate and gaskets. Plates do NOT fit in the standard BioFlex® baseplate and gaskets
  • Available individually or case quantity of 40 plates