Tissue Train® Linear Culture Plate

Works with the Tissue Train® System to create linear, tethered 3D cell-seeded gel constructs and to provide uniaxial cyclic strain to cells in a gel matrix. 

  • Apply a load regimen of uniaxial cyclic strain to the 3D cell-seeded gel using Artangle® loading stations and the Flexcell® Tissue Train® System
  • Mix preferred cell type in 3D collagen gel using a novel Trough Loader mold device
  • Available in matrix bonded cerex nylon mesh or urethane polyester foam anchor tabs for improved cell attachment
  • Packaged individually or in case quantity of 40 plates

Supporting Publications

At Flexcell® International Corporation, we understand that our commitment to the highest quality products and customer service depend on our ability to take part in research and development continuously. We invite you to read more about our ongoing research and development on cell stretching bioreactors in tissue engineering, cellular mechanics, gene and protein expression, cytomechanics, drug discovery, orthopedics, cardiovascular, and pulmonary research.

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