StageFlexer® Jr.

A compact device designed to accept single membranes removed from the well of a BioFlex®, Tissue Train®, or UniFlex® culture plate and observe signaling responses to strain in real time.

  • Uses single 1-inch well membrane
  • Continue to strain cells while observing responses in real-time on a microscope stage
  • Able to vary strains based on loading posts of different geometries
  • Achieve gradient biaxial strain by freely deforming membrane in open chamber
  • Apply equibiaxial strain to membrane by using a cylindrical loading post in chamber
  • Apply uniaxial strain when using an Arctangle® loading post
Equibiaxial strain application to cells plated on a BioFlex® membrane and clamped in a StageFlexer® Jr. Strain Device.

Supporting Publications

At Flexcell® International Corporation, we understand that our commitment to the highest quality products and customer service depend on our ability to take part in research and development continuously. We invite you to read more about our ongoing research and development on cell stretching bioreactors in tissue engineering, cellular mechanics, gene and protein expression, cytomechanics, drug discovery, orthopedics, cardiovascular, and pulmonary research.

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