StageFlexer® Jr.

$ 1,000.00 USD

A compact device designed to accept single membranes removed from the well of a BioFlex®, Tissue Train®, or UniFlex® culture plate and observe signaling responses to strain in real time.

  • Uses single 1-inch well membrane
  • Continue to strain cells while observing responses in real-time on a microscope stage
  • Able to vary strains based on loading posts of different geometries
  • Achieve gradient biaxial strain by freely deforming membrane in open chamber
  • Apply equibiaxial strain to membrane by using a cylindrical loading post in chamber
  • Apply uniaxial strain when using an Arctangle® loading post
Equibiaxial strain application to cells plated on a BioFlex® membrane and clamped in a StageFlexer® Jr. Strain Device.