Tissue Train® 3D Culture System

$ 5,000.00 USD

A computer-regulated bioreactor that allows users to create 3-dimensional cell-seeded gels and apply uniaxial tensile strains to these gels.

  • Construct tethered, linear, 3-D cell-seeded collagen gels using a trough loader mold device and Flexcell® Tissue Train® culture plates with or without cyclic tension
  • Apply a load regimen of uniaxial cyclic strain using a Flexcell® Tension System and Arctangle® loading posts
  • Apply user-defined strain regimens to simulate heart rate, walking, running and other dynamic exercise patterns to tissue constructs
  • Build bioartificial tissue samples of skin, tendon, ligament, etc. up to 35 mm in length
  • Observe responses of cells cultured in 3-D matrices with phase contrast, fluorescent, or scanning confocal microscopy
  • Tissue Train® Culture System is compatible with Windows 10.