Transwell Holders 24-well

$ 100.00 USD

Transwell is registered trademark of Corning Inc.

Holders sit atop a 24-well Flexcell® Culture Plate (Fig. 1) and allow users to run co-culture or cell migration assays with standard transwells.

  • Analyze cell migration in response to strain.
  • Run experiments with unstrained control cells and the strained cells in the same culture plate well.
  • Compatible with Transwells for 24-well plates. (See Corning's website for more information on Transwells.)

*24-well inserts with a 24 mm insert diameter or with a 37-41 mm outer lip diameter and 15.5-16.5 mm height.

Applications of Transwell® with Flexcell® Culture Plates

  • Co-Culture - Culture two different cell types in the presence or absence of mechanical load. Isolate direct and auto/paracrine effects of mechanical load.
  • Cell Migration - Examine the paracrine/autocrine effects of substrate strain on cell migration.
  • Transport & Permeability - Examine drug transport in response to the paracrine effects of mechanical load.
  • Cell Polarity - Analyze the formation of polarized layers of cells in response to the paracrine effects brought about by mechanical load. In addition, examine epithelial penetration by pathogens, wound repair, ion channel activity, and other processes that rely on well-differentiated polarized cell layers.
  • Chemotaxis & Invasion - Analyze the effects of mechanical load on inflammatory cell migration, metastatic invasion, and angiogenesis.
Schematic of a Transwell Holder with a Transwell supported atop the rubber membrane in the well of BioFlex® culture plate.